I would like to personally welcome you to Voice Of Gabriel.

Briefly, our mission statement encompasses the offering of professionally produced audio products centered primarily on audio book and documentary film narration, and extending into selective commercial radio spot production.

Quite simply, because our studio is technologically state-of-the-art, but, like our website, simple and effective, with virtually zero overhead in the form of debt or a bloated payroll, we can offer production for much lower prices than can be found virtually anywhere.

For a thumbnail evaluation of our product, you will find (if you haven't already) short, sample mp3 audio clips of commercial radio spot ads, book readings and (soon to be added) documentary film narration. These are works that were produced strictly for demonstration purposes, and are not available for purchase through this site.

A major advantage we present, which further enhances our "budget-ready" offering is the technological expediency of high-speed Internet communication which permits FTP or email transfers of test or final-draft scripts for audition and/or completed production. They will be recorded, edited and posted on our website in the client's individual, password-protected folder for downloading and evaluation.

Thank you for visiting.

Best regards,